Amid one of the most important presidential addresses in the last 30 years, Congressmen and women on both sides the aisle were busy updating their Twitter messages. For those not wired into the ever-evolving world of mobile media, Twitter ( is a free social networking site through which participants answer one simple question – “What are you doing right now?” — in a myriad of agonizingly boring ways in small missives known as “tweets.”

But politicians aren’t alone in holding the misconception that people care to know what they are doing all day every day. Millions of Americans join the service each day — so many, the New York Times deemed it the most important Internet application of the last 5 years. That’s a strong statement considering the developments over that time frame.

Aside from knowing when your BBF (digital shorthand for “best friend forever”) is shopping at Wal-Mart, Twitter does have some practical uses for the masses. The Associated Press reported some newspapers are using the service to offer real time updates on widely watched trials. At least in Kansas, state judges offered no complaints and one federal judge has OK’d the service at that level.
Despite the relative popularity of the service — or because of it! — Twitter has spawned as much new media hate material as the big box chains. Check out this video …


… And the comments tagged with the videos are not much more flattering to the service or its users.

“Who are these narcissists who think we care what they are doing all day? Who are these morons who spend their lives keeping track of everyone else?”

“I don’t give a tweet about you … Why would you give a tweet about me?”

Final Bark
What do you think? Will people be tweeting long into the next year or is this just a fad destined for the same technical scrap heap as chat rooms?