It goes everywhere he goes!

It goes everywhere he goes!

As if becoming the first black President of the United States wasn’t enough, President Barack Obama continues to make history — leveraging emerging media channels to reach Americans with a frequency and transparency never before witnessed.

Traditionally carried on the radio, Obama now speaks to the nation very week through a video released on The White House Web site — once the domain of historical information on the grand old structure and dry press releases — now features a section known as the Briefing Room

There visitors will find:

The Blog
Latest news and updates from the White House, including pictures and video, from a variety of personnel within the administration
Your Weekly Address
Text and video of President Obama’s Saturday morning addresses to the nation
Photos of recent administration events and announcements, as well as historical images
Text and video of major speeches by President Obama, the First Lady and members of the administration
Official Statements
Official statements and remarks from members of the administration
Press Briefings
Transcripts of press briefings and statements from the White House Press Secretary
Press Releases
Announcements from the White House Press Office
Presidential Actions
Executive Orders, memoranda and proclamations
The site also features a link to the Office of Public Liaison to further extend the reach of the administration in generating ground level support for initiatives, set up networks for the next election and cultivate relationships. Right now, the link includes an in-house e-mail system; the page promises to expand contact methods in the weeks to follow.
For the kids, Obama’s Web site includes colorful, animated facts and bios on the presidents as well as a slideshow of the first pets through history.

The Obama Administration also recognized the need for and advantages that will be gained with a supplemental site dedicated to the president’s economic recovery plan. The site details how the earmarked funds are being spent, a video message from the president as well as an important interactive feature — ordinary U.S. citizens are asked share stories about how the recovery plan has benefited them. No doubt these stories will be polished and pushed into media outlets at every opportunity.

Final Bark
Politicians of every stripe and level have begun to emulate Obama’s successful flexing of new media muscle in his run for the Oval Office, but will they be as quick to follow his lead in continuing the use of such cutting edge channels after actually getting into office?